From creative direction to on-air and online, we are a partner in your success. We work to focus the right message to the right audience.
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We are a highly professional advertising agency committed to transform ideas into reality bringing results for our customers. We work with reality, plans, professional and personal achievements of each client.

So we accept the mission to be an Advertising Company, offering all languages and possibilities of real Advertising.

Always seeking the differential of every new customer and following the actual concept of Advertising, which should be seen as an investment. And that’s what we offer: The Difference and Financial Return on your Investment.

For all types of business such as: industries, agro-business, shops, athletes, celebrities, professional liberals, groups and even multinationals. Get in contact today with Intelligent Marketing & Advertising team!

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IM&A creates dynamic video content for brands in a variety of industries. Our portfolio serves various industries such as automotive, logistics, and technology.

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We are a team of professionals committed to bringing your ideas to life and reaching your audience. Our Massachusetts based video production company offers full video production services including concept development, production, editing, and post production.

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Full-Service Video Production‎ in MA.